People Captured Turtles That Look Hilarious And Wholesome

21. That Wasn’t Expected


22. Guy In Tokyo Taking His Pet Tortoise For A Walk


23. Neighbor’s Tortoise Escaped And Walked Almost A Street Away. At Around 250 Pounds, This Was Their Solution To Get Her Home


24. Well This Is A First. Couldn’t Find Our Little Man Anywhere, Then We Saw Ralph Basking With Our Two Tortoises


25. Harvey’s 13th Birthday


26. We Were Able To Release 170 Hatchlings Today In One Of Our Locations


It is always a calming and satisfying feeling releasing the hatchlings back to where they eggs were laid. All that hard work in the beating sun, watching the females trek through the summer heat, flies, dangerous traffic, predators, and human encroachment… all for the sake of these hatchlings to make it back to the water.

27. Dad: If We Get A Tortoise I’m Not Looking After It. Also Dad: Get Comfy, Hector, And Let Me Show You Pictures Of Your Brethren


28. Not Sure If You Think Turtles Are Cute But Squirtle Wanted To Say Hi


29. Franklin Met A New Friend Today


30. He Do Be Gamin Doe