15 Awesome Hidden Rooms You’ll Wish You Had In Your Own Home

Ancient underground chapel discovered after being hidden for nearly 100 years

In the center of the room lay a wooden cross that appeared to have fallen down after rotting away.

Pat, 52, and Diane Farla, 43, were having a family party when they decided to prise off a metal grid in the Victorian home. Soon son Gareth and his uncle, Mathew Latham, both 20, crept through the hole to find a rotting wooden cross, dusty bottles of sherry and wine, and a chest full of newspapers from the 1930s.

Matthew said: ‘We only discovered it because we were drunkenly fooling around and decided to have a look at what was beneath the grid – It was amazing.

When you are looking in the mirror, someone can be looking right back at you too.

hidden roomsHidden Door Store

Do you want to feel like Alice in Alice Through the Looking Glass?

hidden rooms

We have 4, well, 5 rooms in our house. And that’s magic!

hidden rooms

hidden roomsCourtney McCarraher Bonnet

Just click the button when you get tired of everyone.

An elegant idea for how to hide your supply closet

hidden roomsHidden Door Store

We totally want this right now!

hidden rooms

hidden rooms

hidden roomsnotadeckofcards

Is there anything odd that you notice about this hidden door?

“I would love to crawl in there sometime and get some personal time.”

hidden roomsEckelman Brothers Construction

“Would you like to join me for a couple of… stories?”

hidden roomsbrokewithabachelors

— “But how will I ever find that door?”

— “There will be signs.”

“My man cave dream just got a wake-up call…”

hidden rooms

hidden rooms

hidden rooms

hidden rooms

hidden roomsBaconJacobs

“Building a Hidden Room in the attic for my boys”

hidden roomsCafescrambler

There may be some very cool places hidden in your friend’s house. You’ll want to check carefully now.

hidden roomsSpiral Cellars

Have you been looking for me?

hidden roomsEge Okal / Freundevonfreunden

Your kid will never lose in a hide-and-seek game again.

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