What Harmful Things Are Being Taught To Children?


Being wrong is bad. That’s why many people don’t change their mind when they were given trustable sources, they don’t want to be wrong



Abstinence only sex education. This is more of what they’re not being taught. Proper sex education is important.

Edit: For anyone interested I’m posting a link to a John Oliver segment on Americas sex education system. Its very informative but also quite funny.



“If he’s mean to you he likes you” It just teaches little girls (mostly girls) to expect violence from people who love them



My son’s preschool has a strict “you do not have to play if you don’t want to” policy. No one has to play with anyone they don’t want to play with. They say that no one has to to hug or touch anyone or be touched if they don’t want it. No one has to share their toys or other school supplies if they aren’t done with it. In fact the preschool teacher will go over and referee and say “is Bobby done with the toy car? No? Then Mikey, you have to wait until he is done.” It’s pretty refreshing. I wanted to let you know there are new philosophies and my son’s preschool really strongly teaches body autonomy. Your body is your own and no one can touch it or make you do anything with it without your permission


My mom would often punish me for something, and whenever I asked why or what I did I was told “I’m the adult and you are the child” or “because I said so” or “you shouldn’t need a reason”.


Doing the right thing will sometimes make others hate you. Be prepared for that.



That complaining is the same as not being grateful. Can’t count the number of times growing up when adults basically told me to shut up whenever I was complaining about something and that I should be grateful that I was born where I was. Like sure, I’m glad I wasn’t born into some starving African family, but that doesn’t mean everything is perfect over here and that we shouldn’t try to improve things here as well.



No is a ‘bad’ word. It’s a strong word but not a bad one.



“The parents never make a mistake”



“No backtalk.” Many adults use it as “you’re not allowed to challenge what I have to say.” Makes sense if it’s a cranky toddler being negative for negativity’s sake, but suddenly older children can’t question things or raise valid points of their own.