30 Wholesome Pics Of Great Danes Who Are Huge Cuties Of Canines

Great Danes can grow up to weigh a whopping 79kg and be up to 81cm tall. Here is a wholesome and hilarious list compiled from these huge cuties.

1. My Daughter Was Home Sick One Day. When I Peeked Into Her Room, This Is What I Found

big dogsMongo1021

2. Anyone, No?


3. This 6-Foot Great Dane Presley Is Also Known As Scooby-Doo Duo To Being Afraid Of Everything, From Tiny Dogs, To Plastic Bags And Vacuum Cleaners


4. Looking Out The Front Door. “I Made A New Friend, Please Can I Keep Him?”


5. The Park Broke My Dog


6. The Photo My Sister Just Sent Me Of Her Great Dane And The New Puppy They Just Got. Look At It


7. Gave Her A Toilet Paper Tube To Play With, And She Proceeded To Breathe Through It Like This For Over A Minute

big dogslivin4advntr

8. Once A Lap Dog, Always A Lap Dog

big dogs


9. She Loves The Blower

big dogsvinkulelu

10. Today’s Flight Just Got Interesting

big dogsjimmy_bones_