If The Government Was All-Female And Treated Men Like It Treats Women

We all know that the world is changing in paces due to recent governmental changes.  While these recent changes have brought it to the spotlight, these problems have actually been happening for quite some time, as women will attest to with no problem.  The conclusion is that the US governmental system is totally run by men with no capacity for understanding where a woman’s place is within the world.  It says that women are always understood and respected, but the real truth in life is another story entirely.

As such, artist Katie Rose has taken it upon herself to expose the problems with the real way that ladies are represented both on the podium as well as behind the scenes in real life.  It shows their struggles, their embarrassments, their lack of control over anything in their lives, and the fact that no one really takes their needs seriously.

It is hopeful that as this comic spreads and gains popularity amongst those who are trying to get their voices heard in the world, we’ll be able to combat some of the messages so that real change can be made.

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