Google Street View Scenes From Slavic Countries

Google street is used generally just for informational purposes, but people do not realize there are hilarious images that were recorded during the Google car tour. Maybe you have seen some funny images already but this time there is a Google Street View in Slavic style. Images are funny, bizarre or just plain ridiculous. You will find everything there, from ninjas raiding villages to bizarre weddings and just plain funny scenes you would not expect to see.

1. Serbia – This little piggy went to the market

2. Slovenia – fake policeman on duty while real ones rest

fake policeman

3. Croatia – Girls reading carefully and groping

two girls

4. Macedonia – WW2 German flags and skinheads streets

Google Street view

5. Russia – Babushka vs Slavette in a street fight

street fight

6. Slovakia – too much Borovička or Vodka

drunk man

7. Czechia – Street ladies patrol

street ladies

8. Bulgaria – Jacked up owner of little car

broken car

9. Bulgaria – taking a dump, literally