8-Year-Old Girl Gets Gifts From Crows She’s Been Feeding For 4 Years

Eight-year-old Gabie Mann from Seattle, Washington began feeding the crows in her family’s backyard, and now this lucky young lady gets all sorts of presents from the crows.

Gabie keeps her presents in a bead storage box. As it would turn out, these are her most cherished belongings. Gabie has gotten a wide range of gifts from the crows, including Lego pieces, globules, catches, paper clasps, and bits of froth. Her most loved endowment of all is a pearl-colored heart; she is convinced that it is proof of how much the crows love her.

The whole concept of feeding the crows started unintentionally, as she was always dropping food. She’d simply hop out of the vehicle and some part of her lunch would drop, inciting each crow to circle in for a nibble. Gabie observed this and decided to give even more of her food to see this brisk and hungry conduct. The crows grew attached to Gabie as they recognized her and even waited daily for her to alight from the school bus. These crows ate up a substantial part of Gabie’s and her brother’s lunch. Her mum didn’t seem to mind and she appreciated the fact that her child readily took to the creatures. They put out water and spread peanuts and dog food in their backyard garden.

The daily routine resulted in the birds leaving presents behind for Gabie, these gifts varied and some of them truly unique. Ranging from an earring, polished rock, or hinge to a piece of metal with ‘Best ‘imprinted on it. Gabie likes to think the crow who gave this particular gift has held on to another piece that has ‘friend’ imprinted on it.

John Marzluff, professor of wildlife science at the University of Washington advises that it isn’t a strange trend with the birds as consistent feeding of animals enables humans to form bonds with them. He also hinted that the gifts may not always be jewelry as sometimes it could be less appealing gifts such as dead baby birds.

Gabie admits that she has also received some repulsive gifts such as a rotting crab and her third favorite gift is a screw. She believes that the only reason why a crow would pick up a screw is if it were considering building a home.

Her favorite gift is her camera lens cap; this had earlier gotten missing in an alley not far from her home. She was surprised when she found it back in her garden again. She had to confirm if it was one of the crows who had brought it and upon viewing the bird watch camera installed, it had been captured the whole returning of her lens cap. The crow even attempted rinsing the gift.