This Vending Machine Takes Bottles And Gives Food To Stray Dogs In Exchange

Pugedon, a Turkish company has managed to create one of the most innovative products ever. They have installed a vending machine in Istanbul that dispenses food when bottles are deposited, which can be found as a highly beneficial option for dogs. | Facebook (h/t: huffpost)

The company is able to function as it makes money by recycling the bottles. With the stray dogs in Istanbul being as high as 150,000, this was seen as a welcome move by citizens.


The total number of stray dogs in Istanbul is 150,000.


Seen below is the dispensing machine that dispenses food for dogs in return of bottles.

dog food vending machine

When bottles are fed, the machine dispenses food for dogs.

dog food vending machine

dog food vending machine

If there is water present, you can empty it in the water bowl provided before feeding the bottle.

dog food vending machine