30 Genius Ideas That Are Solutions To Everyday Issues

21. A Public Bike Stand With A Built-In Pump

genius ideascremecitron

This cool multi-purpose mechanism was photographed in Utrecht, the Netherlands. And this doesn’t come as a surprise. Cycling is a common mode of transport in the Netherlands, with 36% of the people listing the bicycle as their most frequent mode of transport on a typical day.

22. My School Just Installed A CVS Vending Machine Full Of Medicine And Hygiene Products


To help customers navigate this new shopping experience, the vending machines, will feature a 22″ multi-touch screen, displaying high resolution images with expansive product information and more.

23. My Local Car Wash Has A Gun For Kids That Shoots Soap Suds At The Cars Going Into The Car Wash

genius ideasMicool31

A professional car wash requires only 5 – 8 minutes on average and typically use up to 50% less water than at home washes. Now, it’s a lot more fun, too!

24. A Business Card For Kids Who Are Allowed To Go Places By Themselves


The organization behind the campaign, Let Grow, state that “treating today’s kids as physically and emotionally fragile is bad for their future, and [the] country’s. With an unpredictable and rapidly changing economy ahead, kids need to be flexible, creative problem-solvers. They can’t solve their problems if adults are always right there, solving them first!”

25. This Pizza Box Can Be Torn In Half And Folded To Create A Smaller Box For Leftovers

genius ideasdark_forebodings_too

To make your leftover pizza taste better, experts suggest reheating it face down in a pan and adding water to the bottom of the skillet. If you have to use a microwave, however, add a glass of water in there to avoid soggy crust.

26. This Car Park In France Has Soft Barriers Between Parking Spaces To Stop People Scratching Other Cars


Probably gets people to park between the lines better, too! Just think of all the a**hole drivers that will be unable to use multiple spots at once!

27. The Inside Of The Pizza Box Was A Tuxedo

genius ideaspwenski

The organization behind the idea, Pizza Bib, offer custom designed boxes both outside and inside. “While sitting on the couch after a few too many beers our founder Jack decided to order his favorite pizza. Wearing his brand new t-shirt, he decided to use the ordinary pizza box as a bib, keeping his brand new t-shirt clean he thought about how you could add fun designs to keep himself clean and have a whole lot of fun.”

28. This Menu In An Italian Restaurant, Is Shaped Like A Circle Showing You What The Type Of Pizza Would Look Like


This pizzeria is located in Prague, Czech Republic. According to the person who took this photo, “it’s literally above the metro station of Chodov on the Red/C line!” If you still can’t find it, just look for a sign that has a hotdog on it and says “Pizza.” Ye, we know.

29. My Classroom Has A Mirror So We Can See Teacher’s Counter When He’s Cooking


Commenting on this picture, some redditors remembered having the same setup in their Home Economics cooking classes all the way back in the 80s!

30. This Shoe Shop Has An Area To Test Your New Shoes, Containing Lego

genius ideasFresh_Asuna

Reportedly, this test “track” is located in a Leguanos store which sells the so-called barefoot shoes, really bendy shoes that supposedly make you feel like you’re barefoot.