30 Smart Billboard Designs That Cannot Be Ignored

These billboard designs are smart, creative, and just brilliant. The ads that are like artworks themselves, definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

1. Women’s Aid – Look At Me


2. These McDonald’s Billboards Double As Bee Hotels To Support Biodiversity

McDonald’s Sverige

3. Excellent Billboard


4. BBC’s Dracula Billboard Confuses People During The Daytime But Grabs Attention At Night


5. This Tiny Ant-Man Billboard At A Bus Stop


6. BBC World – See Both Sides O The Story

BBDO New York

7. Corona Oceans Week Billboard With Wave Made From Plastic Gathered In UK And Chris Hemsworth On The Surfboard

smart billboardsWieden & Kennedy

8. Coca-Cola Hand Knitted Billboards In Serbia Using Traditional Knitting Techniques

smart billboards

McCann Serbia

9. Sick Legend Of Zelda Street Art

smart billboardsjakebrotrill

10. LEGO 3D Billboard

Pascal Gagnon,Carle Coppens

11. Capsico Sauce: Burning Hot. Dabur, India

smart billboardsInter Publicity

12. Denver Water Billboard

smart billboards

13. 3m – Tape Holds Billboard

smart billboards3M

14. Save Some Money And Save The Environment


15. Clever Weather Billboard

smart billboardsDRTsorak

16. Red Hat – People-Powered Billboard

smart billboardsBaldwin&

17. Hotwheels Loop

Daniel Andrés Mora Lugo

18. The Billboards That Came From Nature And Went Back To Nature For Toyota Prius Ad Campaign


19. Sea Shepherd Switzerland


20. Haste Passes, Consequences Remain

Executiva Propaganda

21. An Ad In Warsaw, Poland


22. “See, I Can Draw The Sky…”

Archy Sinatrya

23. Saw This Sign Advertising A Black Hole Planetarium At The Liberty Science Centre. Definitely The Best Billboard I’ve Ever Seen

smart billboardsclear channel creative team

24. Coke Billboards That Point You To The Nearest Recycling Bin

Publicis Italia

25. The Milwaukee Brewers Have An Opening Day Billboard That Unravels A Little Each Day As The Season Approaches

smart billboardsPM_ME_YOUR_MOMS_NAME

26. Billboard In Houston

smart billboardssignad

27. The Most Incredible Billboard Collaboration I’ve Ever Seen


28. Ad For Panasonic’s Nose Trimmer

smart billboardsSaatchi & Saatchi

29. No Caption Needed


30. Ipod Billboard Ad

smart billboards