10+ People Share Genius Hidden Messages They Unexpectedly Found On Everyday Products

24. Found A Bird On This Board

hidden messages productspapito_de_chorizo

25. The Bottom Of My Batman Coffee Mug

hidden messages productsHideousGrin

26. Chocolate Bar Found In Montréal Gas Station

hidden messages productsunsociaI

27. This Label On My Sparkling Ice Bottle

hidden messages productsSergeantmajor186

28. The Instructions On These Socks I Bought

hidden messages productsalishiaferreira

29. Just Noticed This Reading The Back Of The Instruction Pamphlet For Cards Against Humanity

hidden messages productsAWDTurboGuy

30. Take Care, You Only Have One. Reminds Me Of The Frank And Beans Part In ‘There’s Something About Mary’ Movie

hidden messages productswajxcsgo

31. A Friend Bought A Shirt And The Tag Had A Message On It

hidden messages products


32. Two Ladybugs Having Sex On A Sunflower Seeds Package

hidden messages productsTymmoteusz

33. Under The Bed In Our Cruise Liners Cabin

hidden messages productsdanmanyjews

34. Well, Sh*t

hidden messages productssasch42069

35. My New Glasses Have A Cute Little Message

hidden messages productsamazinggstatic