10+ People Share Genius Hidden Messages They Unexpectedly Found On Everyday Products

12. Who In Their Right Mind Would Hit The Floofers Anyway?

hidden messages productskiwidesign

13. Smiley Faces Under Keyboard Knobs

hidden messages productsDeonteaus

14. A Hidden Message Underneath The Circuit Board

hidden messages productsjazzmonster

15. This Was On A Lotion They Provide At My Hotel

hidden messages productsDeath4Free

16. I Drink This Beer Often, And Just Now Noticed This

hidden messages productsBeefyRatio

17. Fashion Affirmation

hidden messages productssabrinachan13

18. Yeah, Maybe If You’re Jason Bourne

hidden messages productsCyclistTravi

19. On My Pancake Mix Bag

hidden messages products


20. These Care Instructions On A Kid’s Swim Diaper

hidden messages productsa_shootin_star

21. My Yogurt Just Brightened My Day

hidden messages productssupertinypenguin

22. Printed On The Circuit Board Of A Car In Deep Spac

hidden messages products

23. Saw This At A Bar I Went To Today (Look At The Serial Number)

hidden messages productsLondon_Atlas