20 Special People Who Have Unique Genetics

11. I Have Elf Ears


12. I Have A Condition Caused Distichiasis That Causes My Eyelashes To Grow In Multiple Rows

unique people geneticsnisambredli

13. Sometimes People Stop In The Middle Of A Conversation To Stare At My Eye. Wonder Why


14. Half Of My Face Has Vitiligo

unique people geneticsv_mariie

15. I Was Born With Blonde And Brown Hair

unique people geneticsMother_of_Bambi

16. I Have A Ring Of Brown In My Eyes

unique people geneticsexcynimphica

17. My Height Is Not High, Only 151cm, But My Toes Are Inexplicably Long

unique people geneticsdcard.tw

18. Our Daughter Has Different Colored Eyelashes

unique people genetics


19. I Was Born With 12 Fingers And Toes. All Fully Functional. Here Are My Baby Pictures

unique people geneticsFORTYACR35

20. My Belly Button Attracts A Lot Of Comments

unique people geneticsSwirlxx