23 Geeky Newborns Who Are Following In Their Parents’ Nerdy Footsteps

Most happy parents are eager to get photos of their new-born child to show the world. It’s traditionally about sharing your new bundle of joy with the world, and to display your new happy family. Let’s not kid ourselves, some parents will love to take the opportunity to do something fun and different, this may be one of the few chances to dress up your child without much resistance.

These snaps are a perfect example of some geeky parents paying homage to some of their favourite pop culture, such as sci-fi movies books and TV shows. By the looks of it, these children will be following in their parents footsteps in no time-looking back on these in the future, they might just think mum and dad had a little too much fun! (h/t: boredpanda)

Baby Princess Leia

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Baby Spock

Geeky Newborns

Baby Mario

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Baby Ninja Turtle

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Baby Star Wars Jedi

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