Blunder Years: People Are Posting Their Most Embarrassing Childhood Photos

11. My Mother Said I Would Regret This Photo… No Regrets Mom! Circa 2002


12. 10m, And Looking Like A Middle Age Mom Who’s Deciding To Grace You With A Smile, While Still Judging You Just A Little

funny blunder yearsotusasio451

13. It’s Amazing What Growing A Beard, Growing Up, Changing Your Style And Leaving A Cult Can Do For You! (2011 vs. 2020)


14. ‘How Did You Know I Was Gay?’ Said The Posing Seven Year Old Boy In Make Up, A Perm, And Black Sequinned Jellicle Cats Dance Costume

funny blunder yearsDefinitelyNotADeer

15. My Boyfriend’s 10th Grade Picture Is Pure Rebellion. According To Him, His Mom Cried When She Received The Pictures Back

16. Ten Years And One Transition Later: Some Things Never Change

funny blunder

17. Had A “Photoshoot” With My Mom And Thought That Being “The Weird Kid” Made Me Cool And Mysterious


18. My Family Looking Like An Ll Bean Catalog Submission, And Then There’s 15 Year Old Me


19. Found My High School ID This Morning


20. Me At 17(2010) Living It Up In Vegas