Blunder Years: People Are Posting Their Most Embarrassing Childhood Photos

There’s a subreddit, Blunder Years: pictures from a regrettable past, dedicated to enlight blunder years that people were choosing terrible clothes and even worse haircuts.

1. 2008, Senior Friend Asked Me To Prom When I Was A Freshman. My Parents Didn’t Want Me To Go But Also Didn’t Want To Forbid Me, So They Didn’t Give Me Money For A Dress Thinking That Would Stop Us. We Made Both Of Our Outfits Entirely Out Of Duct Tape For Like $30

funny blunder yearsshiasurprize

2. It Was “Opposite Day” At School In 2005, Most People Wore Black And White Or Something.. I Decide To Dress As A Girl.. I Lived In A Small Town In Idaho. It Didn’t Go Over Well

funny blunder yearsawashbu12

3. I Don’t Know If I’m More Embarrassed By How Many Hours It Took Teen Me To Make This, Or That I Actually Tagged My Crush When I Posted It

funny blunder yearseehttofu

4. My Mom Dressed Me Like This So I Was Easy To Spot When She Picked Me Up…


5. Got Dumped A Week Before Prom, But My Mom Insisted I Go Take The Pictures She Paid For, So I Made A Sock Puppet To Bring As My Date. I Regret Nothing

funny blunder yearsReverend_Deek_Lovin

6. My Mom Told Me Not To Blink During My 2nd Grade Class Picture

funny blunder yearsntaylor7746

7. My Dad Always Thought This Haircut Looked Incredible On Me. My Mom Thought The Shirt Was Incredible. Looking Back At 2nd Grade Me Is Incredible. I’m A Female


8. My Siblings And I Were Forced Into A ‘Pet Look Alike’ Competition. It Still Haunts Us


9. In Honor Of My Husband’s 37th Birthday, I Present To You His Senior Prom Photo From 2000


10. Tried To Smile, Channeled Jim Carrey Instead. Allllllllrighty Then