20+ Funny Wives That Men Wish They Had

31. My Wife’s Yard Sale Signs For Tomorrow

funny wife pranks jokesjbeech01

32. My Husband’s Going To Love His Valentines Day Surprise

funny wife pranks jokesVaginalHubris86

33. My Wife Called To Say She Picked Up 50 Shades Of Grey. This Was Not What I Was Expecting When I Got Home

funny wife pranks jokescompletem

34. My Wife Packed Me Hard Boiled Eggs For Lunch

funny wife pranks jokesgeotagger

35. I Asked The Kind Lady At The Pet Shop For A Shed Tarantula Skin, To Put Amongst The Bananas To Scare My Husband

funny wife pranks jokesonehundredjellyfish

36. Came Downstairs And My Wife Gave Me These. Uh, Thanks Honey?

funny wife pranks jokesRambo_Brit3

37. My Wife Asked Me If I Wanted Half Her Twix. She Thinks This Is A Game

funny wife pranks jokesActuarial

38. I Too Get Bored When My Husband Is Away

funny wife pranks jokes


39. My Wife Bought A New Hairbrush With A Suction Cup At The End. I Found This On The Bathroom Mirror. I Love My Wife!

funny wife pranks jokesApologeticKid

40. Christmas Shopping With The Family. My Wife Asked If The Baby Carrier Was Maybe Cutting Off My Son’s Circulation

funny wife pranks jokesHalfwombat