The Meme Challenge “Draw This Again!” Proves That Practice Makes You Draw Better

Everyone wants to know how to be successful in various things, but the one common formula for success is to give it time and practice a lot. If you are trying to become a good drawer, this is particularly important to follow because you have to understand shading and proportional techniques for making a good drawing. Then you’ll be able to draw a realistic looking face from just a circle with lines in it.

The meme challenge called “Draw This Again!” encourages artists to try and redraw classic artwork and then compare the two pieces side-by-side. This is supposed to showcase the vast progress between the two.

These artists did everything from creating characters with vibrant watercolors to penciling portraits of themselves. When you see these images, you will realize that no artist is born with the skills that make them an artist. It takes time and practice to become a skilled artist.

1. 2005 Vs 2017 By Jade Mere


2. About 10 Years Of Progress By Miles


3. Progress Of 11 Months By Itsmehoswa


4. Progression To Semi-Realistic Style By Abigail Diaz


5. About 9 Years Of Progress By Laura Brouwers


6. 1 Year Progress By Zary


7. Draw Jessica Alba Again


8. 3 Years Of Progress By Isvoc



9. I Repainted One Of My First Digital Paintings From 4 And A Half Years Ago By Sara Tepes


10. Improvement Of 4 Years By Noisebaskerville