40 Hilarious Shops Having A Little Fun

30. Found In A Florida Grocery Store. That’s How You Sell Some Produce!


31. Seen On The Ceiling Of An Istanbul Shop


32. Coffee Shop Drink Sizes Based On How Much Sleep You Had Last Night

creative funny shopsUubbeerr

33. Someone In The Wine Section At My Local Giant Eagle Has A Sense Of Humour

34. My Kind Of Shop

creative funny shopsThranduill

35. I Found This At My Local Supermarket


36. This Smoke Shop’s Sign


37. I Noticed This Bottle At A Local Coffee Shop, And Asked The Owner About It. He Said “Health Inspector Asked ‘What’s This Jar?’ And I Said Nothing, It’s Empty, And She Said ‘Everything Has To Be Labeled’ So I Labeled It”

creative funny shops


38. The Children’s Book Section At This Gift Shop Doesn’t Candy Coat A Damn Thing

creative funny shopsMr_Hashtag

39. Shaving Sign At A Barber Shop

creative funny shopsDonOntario

40. Donut Shop In My Area Is Doing Renovations