40 Hilarious Shops Having A Little Fun

Some businesses are unique and unforgettable with their little touches. Check out this compiled list of some of the best examples of creative business owners having a little bit of fun and having an awesome sense of humor.

1. My Grocery Store Cheese Counter Has The Right Idea

creative funny shopsGin_Tonic

2. My Local Independent Coffee Shop Uses A Starbucks Mug For Its Toilet Brush Holder

creative funny shopsdaviedrew

3. The Children’s Menu At A Local Sandwich Shop

creative funny shopsPm_me_some_dessert

4. This Sign I Found At An Ice Cream Shop In Amman, Jordan


5. This Cone Display At My Local Ice Cream Shop

creative funny shops-Papadil-

6. For My Last Day Of Work At The Pet Store, I Made Myself Employee Of The Month


7. Seen In A Toy Store In Austin, Tx


8. This Tattoo Shops Signs Are Always On Point


9. False Advertising


10. This Pizza Shop Gets It