Parents Are Posting Their Most Epic Fails, And It’s Hilarious

11. Wait, Stop!

funny parenting failsphilyeh

12. Instead Of Millennium Falcons Or Fire Trucks, My 8-Year-Old Son Builds Lego Bars With Drunk Patrons

funny parenting failssmarshyboy

13. I Took This Picture. The Baby Was Fine. I Still Get Hate Mail About It Occasionally, Even A Couple Of Years After The Fact

funny parenting failslizhansenphoto

14. Dad Will Fix This

funny parenting fails

15. My Boss Brought His Son To Work Today

funny parenting failskaleidospiral

16. My Daughter’s Nose Started Bleeding In The Car And This Was The Only Thing I Had Handy.. She Called It A “Cotton Stick” :)

funny parenting failsMyUsernamesBetter

17. Parenting Is Tough. Especially For This Dad

funny parenting fails

18. Would This Be Considered Bad Parenting?

funny parenting failssethanold

19. Teacher Asks Kindy Children To Write What Their Mum Does Best. My Spawn Know Me Well

funny parenting failsbronlines

20. Wasted No Time In Committing The First Of Many Parenting Fails

funny parenting failsflakman


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