France Just Became The First Country To Ban Plastic Cups, Plates And Cutlery


france-bans-plastic-dishware-cups-plates-1Image credits: Mr.TinDC

With the new ban in France starting from July, people will not be able to use any plastics and only biodegradable materials are to be produced from 2020.

Although ecologists are all praises for the new law that is introduced, economists are of the idea that it is against the European Union law for free movement of goods. A few people are challenging the ban on plastics in France as it is not in accordance with the law of EU. One of the popular companies that is trying to challenge the decision of France is Pack2Go Europe, an umbrella organization formed in the best interests of the packaging companies.

With the new ban in place, not only will the plastic consumption and production in France will reduce; but the energy used by the plastic industries will also be kept under check.

(h/t: bigstory, mashable | Facebook image: Emilia Lives Life)