40 Restaurants That Are Astounding At Food Serving

11. More That Moment When Everyone Else Gets Plates And Your Dessert Arrives On A Porcelain Horse Head


12. Terrible Bun: Meat Ratio And Precariously Tall Burger On A Skillet On A Board With A Sword Through It


13. I Only Like My Olives To Be Served On A Silver Spoon And Placed Beneath A Miniature Olive Tree

food servingwilldicki

14. Coffee In A Carrot

Locals Corner

15. This Salad


16. This Is Not What I Expected When I Ordered A Caesar Salad

food servingpronounced_ing

17. Chicken Tikka Staircase And Chutney Cupboard At The Tourist Janpath Hotel, New Delhi


18. The Food Is Somewhere In There


19. Drink Served In A Lightbulb On A Flamingo Inner Tube

food servingrobmackenzie

20. Stairway To Sushi