Firefighter Is Battling A Wildfire When An Elk Walks Up Behind Him… But Watch What Happens!


Those cute animal stories tend to make most of us smile and keep reading, so here is another one that you can add to your repertoire.  This is the story of a sweet and loving elk named Buttons.


She was abandoned by her natural family several years ago, and has made a home for herself by hanging out with a bunch of cows and other livestock. 


She also loves hanging out with humans which is why these firefighters saw that Buttons was following them all around and even came up for a hug, a scratch and shared some loving licks in return.


It would have been neat to see her sharing some love with humans where most of these creatures tend to be pretty skittish of humans in general. 


It’s nice to see that humans and animals can coexist when everyone is treated respectfully and with the compassion that we all share with each other most of the time. 


So, the question now is how we are all going to benefit from the care of this gorgeous elk that is so kind to everyone who comes out to her neck of the woods.


While no one wast to see these majestic animals domesticated in any shape or form, it’s sweet to see that one or two can take a trip around with humans and it’s all good.



Source: facebook