Astounding Pics Of Fire Snails That Have Mystical-Looking

Platymma tweediei known as the fire snail can only be found in the Peninsula of Malaysia and is the largest snail in the district. Fire snails can be spotted easily with its distinct red coloring.

Platymma tweediei is arguably the largest snail from the Peninsula of Malaysia

It is also known as the fire snail due to its distinct red coloring

fire snail

Fire snails can only be found in the Peninsula of Malaysia

They can only be found in an area of about 100 km in radius, 1000 m above sea level

fire snail

Turns out, they have been intensely collected from their natural habitat to sell as pets

But it’s very difficult to keep them alive in captivity

Because fire snails only survive in very cool and humid conditions

For example, the humidity in the Malaysian town Tanah Rata is 79%

Vampire Equivalent

However, the challenge of keeping them alive doesn’t seem to scare off terrestrial snail collectors

As this mystical-looking snail is a prized possession for exotic pet keepers

Image credits: Maxs Exotic Pet Garden