Here’s What Your Finger Length Reveals About Your Personality

It may seem odd to think, but you can tell a lot from the length of your fingers. As displayed by the above diagram, there are three main types of finger lengths that we can all be grouped into. The images are marked A, B, and C, with each one representing the differing lengths of fingers. The index, ring, and middle fingers can vary in length when compared with each other, with some being longer than the other, and sometimes they can even be a similar length. Compare your left and its fingers to the images to see what it says about you.


A) The charming but pragmatic one.

Those who find that their ring finger is longer than the index tend to have a more charming personality. These types of people usually have a more silver tongue where they can talk their way in and out of many situations. They are also great at problem solving too and are often very compassionate people

B) The confident, get-it-done type.

Should your index finger be the longer of the two, then you will fall into the confident category. These people are very proactive, getting things done with a lot of self-belief. This also makes them more of the lone-wolf types, who are happy in their own company where they can get whatever is needed to be done – which can also mean they hate to be interrupted and are very goal-driven.

C) The peacenik

C’s who have similar lengths for ring and index fingers are all about the peace, being tranquil by nature, meaning many are not fans of confrontation or conflict. They can also be more organized and loved pleasing others who want nothing more than to get along with everyone. This makes them faithful and loving, so they are excellent partners. Be sure not to challenge their inner peace, as they can also have a very fiery temperament.