Fifteen Surprise Visits by Animals

Polar Bear

You may not be aware of this but some people say that polar bears are quite fierce. When someone punched its head over my porthole searching for fish I will not be waiting to take a shot. Then again, this is only the head of the bear, isn’t it? It cannot be too bad actually.


Nut Dealer

This little creature is blessed to just have one type of job and that is to be a nut dealer. He goes from one door to the other trying to sell nuts. Unluckily for this small guy, there was a cat that has none of it.



This animal is either bothered by the cameramen who entered the area he recognized he owns or in a complete reverse direction, he is thinking that is the news reporter. This guy is the reporter for the LLAMA TV regarding the influx of vacationers in the present times.

What llama


If you will be visiting the safari and then you hurl a tent, for sure, you are almost asking to be in trouble, right? They might be thinking that they will be safe inside of a huge old 4-wheel drive yet you should observe the size of this elephant!


Buffalo Bread

Definitely, this could be the most secured concept you can find in the globe. On the other hand, anyway, this is not me so who really cares? Primarily, what’s going on here, regardless of the smile, these vacationers were pulled over & extorted by a buffalo police.



This lion came over and it is not to maul and eat or slay those who are within the tent. The lion went there only to deliver a stern caution to the gun’s owner. The lion seems to be saying something like this: “When I see you using that gun to fire any of the animals you can find here then I will come back here, okay?”


2 World’s Collide

One of these two animals is within a foreign territory yet it may be quite tough to discover which. I guessed it is the dog that has travelled together with its boss going to somewhere the exotic animals are dominating. He’s trying to determine if the other animal is a cat that lives in the water.


Look at Your Back

It’s funny but after the first shock of this photo, can you see that this little guy is just enticed to watch what the other guy in his front is watching? This is possibly a DVD featuring David Attenborough.