Ferret Proudly Shows Her Babies to Her Owner in Adorable Video

While not the most common of pets, ferrets are certainly a popular choice for many, which is hardly surprisingly when you see how cute and inquisitive they are. In fact, ferrets are incredibly adorable, being very affectionate to their owners – as evidenced by this amazing video.

The footage shows a lovable female ferret grabbing at the hand of her owner and leading him towards a box. Inside, a brand-new litter of ferret babies, known as kits, are revealed by the very proud ferret mother.

As you wold expect, the internet has fallen in love with the incredible footage that depicts such a loveable little pet proudly showcasing her offspring to her human. Female ferrets are highly maternal, being able to know the exact number of babies and if any have gone missing, so it is amazing to see the close bond and trust shown between a ferret and her owner.