30 Funny Pics Of Cooking Failures That People Just Had To Share

21. I Baked Some Strawberry Cakes In Cat-Shaped Pans, Then Iced Them. They Came Out Looking Like Burn Victims


22. 5 Minutes Before Closing After A 12-Hour Shift

cooking failsaceee13

23. I Tried To Bake

cooking failsAbeLincolnLapDance

24. This Cake

cooking failsmaksetamo_

25. I Was Told You Guys Might Appreciate This. Made A Pie Today. Dropped A Pie Today

cooking failsbeely_yumyum2x2

26. Bake Bread They Said. An Overnight Rise Will Taste So Good They Said. Put In The Fridge They Said. It’s So A Rewarding Hobby They Said

cooking failsthefirstdetective

27. Happy Thanksgiving From My Little Sister’s First Ever Turkey

cooking failsLovethe3beatles

28. Guess I Cut It A Little Too Hard

cooking fails


29. Broiled Sids


30. Apparently Using A Syringe To Inject The Filling Of A Jelly Bun Doesn’t Work That Well