Facebook Is Adding A “Dislike” Button

A very large percentage of the world uses Facebook and for years it has been among the most visited websites.  Because of its popularity it’s no wonder its “like” button feature has gone viral.  Many users though have asked for a dislike button because not everything should be liked.  There is no other option for recognizing a post or picture besides the like button.  Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has long held though that he doesn’t want there to be a dislike button, he wants to keep the website a community oriented network and avoid any reason to cause issues.

facebook dislike button

During a press conference halfway through September (2015) though Zuckerberg announced that a new dislike button is on its way.  He highly emphasized though that it will not be called dislike.  The button will be more along the lines of a disagree button.  In fact it is believed by many social media authorities to be a selection of buttons including: sympathy, disagree, sorrow, and the like.  If there will be a selection of buttons it is bound to be similar to using emoji’s to identify one’s feelings towards a post.  There is no firm release date set for this new feature but it has been in the works for a while and it is apparently difficult to implement.  Experts say this is probably because it has to interact with the Facebook algorithms already in place.  The button is sure to attract even more attention though as the release date gets closer.