People Share ‘Death Stairs’ That Are Completely Dangerous

Facebook group Death Stairs is dedicated to sharing dangerous and scary stairs and here are 30 of the most interesting ones.

Mount Huashan stairs, China

Takes Some Guts To Step Onto Here! I Gather It’s Tijuca Peak – Rio De Janeiro And I’m Not Planning To Visit Any Time Soon!

Death Stairs
Helen Dashwood

Staircase in Taihang Mountains, China

About 9 Years Ago, My Employer Put New Carpet On The Stairs. I Died 3 Times

Death Stairs
Laura MJ

And Yes: I “Tripped” When Coming Down Because I Thought I Had 1 More Step To Go

Death Stairs
Zêta Schuijt-Koorndijk

Floating Death Stairs At Machu Picchu, Peru…. I’m Sure That Drop Off On The Left When You Slip Is Just Fiiiiiiiin

Death Stairs
Jorge Acosta

The “Stairs of Death” are a section of stairs built in 1450 AD by the Incas at the top of Huayna Picchu in Peru

Huntington Place Convention Center, Detroit

Death Stairs
Kyle Davis

Scary Stairs

Death Stairs
Chris Duzan

And That’s How Fred Flinstone Came To Have Two Hip Replacements

Death Stairs
Caitlin Tracy

The Frozen Stairs Of Death! Stairs Up To The Top Of Snowdon, North Wales, UK!

Death Stairs
Gill Allen

No. So Much No

Death Stairs
Francois Scott

Death Stairs

Death Stairs
FarEast Tupolev Tong

Pailon del Diablo waterfall, Ecuador

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