40 Times People Create Extremely Cool Things During Quarantine

11. I Made Sleeping Bengal Kitties Out Of Glass


12. I Paint With Bleach!


13. My First Attempt At Making A Leather Handbag. The Hand Stitching Took Forever!

cool thingsSaggy_Tackle

14. After Searching For A Contractor For Months And Getting Bids At 10k Plus I Decided To Attempt This Myself With No Tools And Experience. Cost Me $2500 In Materials And $500 In New Tools. It’s Not Perfect But Am Super Proud Of The Results.


15. I’m A 16 Yr Old Blacksmith And I Forged This Whale Bottle Opener :) Hope You Like It!


16. I Wanted To Paint My Cat, But Doing All Of Her Seemed Hard, So I Just Did The Easy Parts

cool thingsKSS2418

17. An Origami Koi Fish That I Made With A US $1 Bill For My Tip Jar At Work


18. My Goal For This Year Was To Finish This Painting, And I Did Took Me 3 Months. I Know It’s Not 100% Perfect But I’m A Bit Proud


19. The Bridge, Another Cat Tree I Just Finished

cool thingsThorn2800

20. Friends, What Do You Think Of This My Handmade Dress?