40 Times People Create Extremely Cool Things During Quarantine

Pandemic has caused many changes in our lives. Some of us have had more time during the pandemic and created extremely cool things that are products of good thinking and aesthetics. Here are 40 of these cool things that people created during quarantine.

1. My Parents Planted An Apple-Tree When I Was Born. Sadly, The Tree Died A Few Weeks Ago, So I Made A Bookshelf Out Of It

cool thingsTrashTashy

2. I Made A Portrait Of German Shepherd With Soft Pastels And Pastel Pencils. What Do You Think?


3. I Built A Backyard Treehouse As A Quarantine Project


4. My Mom Is Learning How To Sew. This Chair-Cover Cooking Set Is Her Latest Creation

cool thingsiveydesign

5. I Run An All-Volunteer Trail Crew That Specializes In Good Old-Fashioned Technical Stonework. Here Is What We Make!


6. I Painted A Whole Bunch Of Rocks During Quarantine!

cool thingsedgewoods

7. My Mom Hand Cut And Stained All The Pieces For This Wall. I Think It’s Beautiful And She Deserves Some Props


8. I Finally Finished My Giant Stained Glass Hippo And I’m Dying Because It Looks So Good!!

cool things


9. My Heart Was Heavy The Past Few Weeks And Naturally That Pours Out Into My Work And Made This Dress. I Hope Everyone Is Hanging In There Mentally, Change Will Come Here In Africa ❤️ #endinjustice


10. I Am Groot

cool thingsBerkshireMtnSculptor