22 Funny Photos Of Extra Long Stretchy Cats

1. Found A Weird Reptile In My Bathtub

Stretch catJaneiskla

2. He Can Play Tetris

Stretch catsndf99

3. Salvador Dali’s Cat

dali catLarka7

4. My Mother In Law’s Cat Sits On The Post Like This And Judges The Neighbours

long catTooleyOTooley

5. Whatever Is Comfy I Guess

long catsryan4637

6. Our Sunbathing Cat Tiny Melting On The Porch


7. Sunset Sploot With Bonus Crossed Paws And Fancy Tail


8. When Your Cat Arrives In The Mail


9. The Chillest Of Them All


10. Long Cat


11. Shadow Is My Beautiful Grey Chonk, And Zelda Is The Weird Noodle Draped Over Her. This Picture Is Taken A Couple Years Old, From When Zelda Was An Adolescent Spaghetti