Glittering Mausoleum Filled With Millions of Mirror Shards

In Shiraz, Iran, there is a mosque and funerary monument called Shah Cheragh that is getting people’s attention. On the outside, it looks like any ordinary mosque with beige desert colors. But on the inside, it is a jaw-dropping site with millions of small mirror pieces spread out on the walls and ceiling. These mirrors bounce light in all different directions, creating a mystical and magical feeling when you step foot inside.


The site of Shah Cheragh, which means “King of the Light,” has a strange past. According to one legend, a traveler in 900 A.D. saw a shining light coming from this area in the distance. When the traveler came to see what was creating the light, he discovered an illuminating gravesite. Inside the grave was a corpse wearing shiny armor. It is believed this corpse was an important figure in the Muslim community. Ever since then, Shia Muslims flock to this area to visit and pray inside the structure.


Despite the structure of Shah Cheragh being damaged by time, nature, and people, it is constantly renovated and repaired to keep it looking bright and beautiful. Millions of tourists and pilgrims from around the world visit this structure each year to see the beauty of the interior for themselves. It truly is a magical place that needs to be experienced in person.







David Holt