The Love of This Elderly Couple is Captured Beautifully by Russian Photographer

If you have seen the 2009 animated film Up, then you probably adored the love that was shared between the elderly characters Ellie Fredricksen and Carl Fredricksen. A big reason that audiences love romantic stories like this is because real life romances seem to be lost. These days, people are quick to say, “I love you” without putting any real feeling behind it. Relationships tend to come and go because of it.

Irina Nedyalkova is a Russian photographer wanted to capture the love of an elderly couple by having them pose for the camera in an improvisational way. The couple was 62-year-old Valentine and 45-year-old Sergei. They posed for the camera in a loving and touching way that could make anyone cry. After the pictures were taken and then published on Facebook, they got many responses from people all over the world who loved them.

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