Human Builds A Dragon-Shaped Cardboard House For His Cat In Order To Please His Master

In a bid to impress the master, Sam, a guy with some excellent creativity, showed us that cardboard could do wonders too! He was inspired by his lovely cat Denni and he made the entire cardboard house by using only hot glue. He said that he has a deep interest in making things using cardboard and he also did it as he loves his cat. You can read more about what he has to say by navigating to his website.

More info: Prefabcat | Instagram

Sam just showed us how creative an individual can get with the usage of cardboards.

Denni, his favorite kitten, was the inspiration for this thing to materialize and it was all achieved using hot glue.

He said that he loves to make it using cardboard and his cat loves it too!

He made use of moving parts for the design, so that Denni gets alternative movement.

He has made several other DIY cat toys and homemade feline food; which is great for all cat owners.

Watch the video below: