Dongyang: Wood-Carving Capital of China

The city of Dongyang, located in China’s Zhejiang province, is one of the most lucrative sites in the country. The city itself generates a revenue of close to 15 billion dollars each year. Aside from that Dongyang is one of the most historical and culturally important cities not just in China but for the world as well. Dongyang is famous for its ancient wood-carving tradition as many call the city the wood-carving capital of China. While this ancient tradition has been an icon of the city, it has been a trademark in quality as well.

Dongyang entrance

Dongyang has a history spanning more than 1800 years. The city was founded in the 2nd century, 195 to be exact. Since then, the city has always been a center of education, fine arts, and culture. Therefore, the Chinese gave the city an appropriate name as Dongyang means “Eastern Sun” showcasing the fact that the city is the rising sun of the Eastern region.

Dongyang door

Due to its historic scenery, Dongyang is one of the most popular locations for movies and TV shows as well. According to the latest figures, nearly 70% of all costume dramas, or period dramas for Western audiences, are filmed in the city.

Dongyang a room interior
Dongyang ceiling design
Dongyang from above
Dongyang palace
Dongyang towers

Aside from its popularity for movies, Dongyang is mostly famous for its wood-carving tradition. Carvings that come from the city or are done according to the city’s wood-carving teachings are the finest examples of this particular art. The tradition goes back to the Tang Dynasty (7th and 10th centuries) and is discernible by its attention to detail and craftsmanship. Moreover, one of the unique aspects of Dongyang wood-carving is that the artists almost always use white wood. This is why people also call it “white-wood carving.” Carvers carve the figures separately and then paste them together. This allows the artist to make more detailed and complex figures.

Dongyang wood carvings
Blowing Up History
wood carving flowers
wood carving bird
wood carving branches
 lognan temple door