Double Dragon Bridge: 350-Year-Old Bridge in China

Located in the city of Jianshu, China, the Double Dragon Bridge is a 350-year-old bridge connecting the lands between two rivers. It is no news that China is home to some of the world’s most impressive and oldest architectural pieces. Generally, people like to showcase the palaces, temples, statues, and buildings of China. However, the Double Dragon Bridge is as impressive as these structures if not more. It is a bridge that two different dynasties worked on and tried to perfect. Many locals view the bridge as one of the best-looking and culturally important bridges in the country.

Double Dragon Bridge

The city of Jianshu which the bridge connects to the land is an ancient city. It has a history spanning more than a millennium. Aside from the bridge, the city is home to many historical temples, arches, gardens, and houses. Jianshu also has a lot of museums exhibiting materials dating back to various dynasties of China.

Double Dragon Bridge profile

The Double Dragon Bridge was not always like this. It took quite a time to find its final form. Many believe that during the Qing Dynasty era, a bridge was built over the rivers with only three arches. However, nearly a century later during the Daoguang reign, they added 14 arches and the bridge became a 17-arched bridge. Towards the end of the 19th century, the bridge saw another development and finally acquired its ultimate shape. The bridge is completely made of bluestone which despite its name is not quite blue. Moreover, the bridge is 148 meters long and has traditional pavilions from which people can see the impressive views of the city.

Double Dragon Bridge arch

The Double Dragon Bridge gets its name from the rivers it arches over. The bridge is above the Lujiang River and the Tachong River whose way of flow looks like two dragons flying. Seeing the resemblance, the locals decided that the name was quite appropriate.

Double Dragon Bridge and reflection
Double Dragon Bridge during the night
the river of the city
the river reflecting the bridge
the arch close up