30 Dogs Whose Perfect Lifes Are Ruined By Their Younger Siblings

Younger siblings could be annoying little creatures sometimes, even if they are cute dogs. Here is a compiled list of hilarious dogs who got their nerves played by their young siblings.

1. He Loves His New Sister

funny dogs siblings

2. My Boyfriend’s Dog’s Reaction To The New Puppy

funny dogs siblings

3. “He’s A Little A***e” – Walter On Max

funny dogs siblings

4. When You Lose The Receipt To Return Your Little Sister

cute dogs siblings

5. Like Please Take That Thing Back

funny dogs siblings
Dustin Berryman

6. When You Just Woke Up And She Wants To Play

funny dogs siblings

7. My Sister Sent Me A Photo Of Her Dog And New Puppy. Man, That Face

 dogs siblings

8. Watson Thought If He Just Didn’t Look At The Problem It Would Go Away

funny dogs siblings

Melinda Wiese

9. Who Else Ruined Their Older Dog’s Life By Getting Them A Younger Sibling?

funny dogs siblings
Chaya Breslow

10. It Was At This Moment Hank Regretted Asking For A Little Brother