Dog Siblings Recognize Each Other And Their Hug Is Warming Our Hearts

What started as a normal walk for two dogs became a surprise family reunion when long-lost siblings ran into each other on the street.

The two cockapoos recognized each other immediately. Even though they hadn’t seen each other since they were puppies — they went in for a nuzzle and a big hug as soon as they spotted each other.

Monty and Rosie are two cockapoos who were both born to the same litter.

Recently, Monty was out enjoying a nice walk around the neighborhood, not knowing that his long-lost sister, Rosie, was doing the exact same thing.

But then, all of a sudden, the two pups spotted each other in the street.

They hadn’t seen each other since puppyhood, but despite this, they seemed to recognize one another immediately.

The two cockapoos reunited in a big hug and happily sniffed, nuzzled, and nudged each other.

Though ten months had passed since they last saw each other, their love for each other clearly hadn’t waned one bit.