30 Funny DIY Fails That Are Entirely Terrible

21. The Moment You Realize Your Failed Attempt At Garden Hands Is Speaking To You


22. Cute Little Paw Print Ornament Fail

diy failsmeganb4e1e2751b

23. A Failed Attempt At Cut-Off Jean Shorts


24. Hohoho Decoration Fail


25. Bottle Bottom Flowers

diy failsemmymom2

26. Yarn Balloon Burst

diy failsblog.landofnod.com,craftfail.com

27. Sucky Socks

diy failsmypinstrositylife.com

28. Nice Try, Hot Lips

diy failsfnord-prefect

29. Beware Of Leg Placement When Freezing An Elf

diy failsKelly

30. It’s So Easy, They Said. Simply Squeeze And The Dino Egg Soap Will Come Out In One Piece, They Said