What Is A Seemingly Normal Photo That Has A Disturbing Backstory?

21. A Still Photo From A Video

disturbing backstory

A man who swam to his girlfriend in their underwater hotel room while on vacation in Tanzania, and proposed to her with a note and a ring. He died before he could resurface from the water.

22. La Mataviejitas, Juana Barraza

Here is Juana Barraza, former Luchadora and Mexican serial killer. Her mother sold her to a man for three beers when she was 12 until her stepdad found her at 17. Ended up with four failed marriages and four kids and worked doing odd jobs as a cleaner. She strangled old ladies that reminded her of her mother by pretending to work for the government.

23. Photo Of Serial Killer Christopher Wilder Lurking In The Background During A Seventeen Magazine Fashion Show At The Meadows Mall In Las Vegas On April 1, 1984

disturbing backstory

Wilder would kidnap and kill 17-year-old Michelle Korfman after meeting her at this fashion show (Standing in the foreground)

24. Missing Big Island Hiker

A kid went missing while hiking a spot on the Big Island of Hawaii. He texted some pictures of the scenery while he was hiking. After he never showed up at home, his family noticed somebody lurking in bushes in the photos he sent. [If I remember correctly], my family that live in Hawaii said the spot is illegal to hike at, so it’s not like it would have been a heavily populated trail.

25. Tyler Hadley’s Florida House Party

disturbing backstory

This is a photo of Tyler Hadley, the one holding a cup, at a party at his house.

Just before this party, he murdered his mother and father with a hammer and hid their bodies in the master bedroom.

During the party, Tyler showed his best friend, Michael Mandell, the room where he killed his parents, and he took this photo because he wasn’t sure when he’d see Tyler again.

26. In The “Old Days” It Used To Be Common To Take Pictures With Dead Relatives. The Woman In The Middle Is Already Dead

27. The Menendez Brothers Appeared In The Background Of A Basketball Card With The Photo For The Card Being Taken After They Had Killed Their Parents

disturbing backstory

28. Two Guys Going For A Coffe At A Gas Station

That’s Salah Abdeslam and his driver on their way back to Belgium. The night before he ordered the 2015 paris attack that killed 131 people

29. This Photo Of Travis Alexander By Jodi Arias… Moments Before She Killed Him. It’s Haunting To Me

disturbing backstory

30. The Whitakers At A Graduation Dinner

The kid on the right, Bart Whitaker, had paid two of his buddies to murder his family that night. They would kill the mother and brother, but the father, who took the photo, survived.
Bart was later sentenced to death, but after his father strongly opposed it, Texas Governor Greg Abbott granted him clemency, and he is now serving a life sentence.