12 Disney Characters And Real People They Were Based On

Many Disney characters were based on real people and in some cases, celebrities. Here are some of them, to compare them to those who served as inspiration for bringing them to life.

1. The 4 vultures — The Beatles

 Parlophone Music Sweden

2. Maleficent — Eleanor Audley


3. Jessica Rabbit — Rita Hayworth


4. The Mad Hatter — Ed Wynn

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5. Edna Moda — Linda Hunt

disney characters realWikimedia

6. Scat Cat — Louis Armstrong


7. Dr. Facilier — Michael Jackson

disney characters realAlan Light

8. Ariel — Alyssa Milano

disney characters real

Luigi Novi

9. Ursula — Divine

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10. Alice — Kathryn Beaumont

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11. Cruella de Vil — Tallulah Bankhead


12. Snow White — Marge Champion

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