This Crazy Road In France Disappears Underwater Twice A Day

There is a road in France called “Passage du Gois” that links the Island of Noirmoutier with the Gulf of Burnёf. The only problem is the road is surrounded by water and you are only allowed to drive on it for a few hours each day because the rising tides will flood the road during the rest of the time. The flooding will submerge the road as much as 13 feet underwater.

disappearing road france underwater

disappearing road france underwaterfeel-planet

disappearing road france underwaterdrive2

The road is not supervised so it is up to the drivers to determine if the road is safe enough to travel. There are special panels on each side of the road that indicate if the road’s safe to drive on or not. Unfortunately, there are still numerous drivers who get trapped on the road every year because of the rising tides. Either the drivers aren’t aware of the danger or the traffic is heavy on the road and they get trapped in the middle as the water rises. The good news is there are tall rescue towers that exist all along the road. So if a person gets caught on the road when the water elevates, they can just climb the tower and wait for help to come. The downside is their car will be washed away.


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Passage du Gois ~ Île de Noirmoutier [ Vendée ~ France ] EXPLORED #4 !Emmanuel Vrignaud

This road was a natural passageway that had already existed and was first placed on a map in the year 1701. Eventually, it was used by people on horseback starting in 1840 and would go on to become a road once automobiles were invented.

disappearing road france underwaterdrive2

disappearing road france underwater

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