Disabled People Now Have Their Own Water Park

It is now summertime and that means lots of people will be going to water parks all around the globe. Water parks are something that both children and adults can enjoy just for the simple pleasure of staying cool under the hot summer sun. As for those people who have disabilities, they will no longer be left out of this excitement either.

A new water park in San Antonio, Texas called “Morgan’s Inspiration Island” just opened and it caters specifically to guests who have disabilities.

While most water parks are impossible for disabled people to access, Morgan’s Inspiration Island is making history by being the first water park in the history of the world to accept disabled people as their preferred customer base.

This water park has been designed in a way which allows disabled people to get around comfortably.

And because the park is just for disabled people, it won’t be as crowded as a normal park would be. This will make it easier for disabled guests to get around no matter what their disability is.

Morgan’s Inspiration Island offers parents traceable bracelets for their children so they can be tracked in the park at all times.

Families can also rent wheelchairs for free that are waterproof and air-powered. The entire park is wheelchair friendly so you can go anywhere on it.

Any child with special needs gets free entry into the park as well. And if any of the guests actually get into the water, the park workers can control the temperature of the water and make it warmer very quickly.