Aquatar Waterpark In Qatar Will Be One Of The World’s Largest Waterparks

Aquatar Waterpark in Qatar covers an area of about 281,000 square meters and includes 36 water games and a water ski tower – a height of 85 meters and includes 12 ski games for lovers of adventure and excitement, topping, as the highest water tower in the world, in the Guinness Book of Records. It’s expected to be one of the most anticipated attractions on Qetaifan Island North, located in Lusail City.

One of the park’s major highlights is the 85-meter-high ‘Icon Tower’ waterslide, which is touted to be the largest in the world

Aquatar Water Park

Aquatar Waterpark is expected to be a favorite destination and a major attraction for 2022 World Cup fans. It will also feature a discovery game with a 3D display and augmented reality technology that will take visitors on a historical journey back in time to learn more about and experience the history of oil and gas discovery in Qatar.

Managing Director of Qetaifan Projects Sheikh Nasser stressed the importance of oil and gas discovery to the waterpark. “The colours used in the waterpark are ‘rusty’ to give visitors an idea and feel of the oil and gas fields, but in the form of a waterpark,” he stated. “There is no doubt that there is nothing better than the history of oil and gas in Qatar, which is actively contributing to the development of our country and promoting and showcasing our history and culture.”

Aquatar Water Park
Aquatar Water Park
Md Obaidullah

Aquatar Waterpark