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30 Crappy Designs That Are Too Good At Being Bad

The online platform Crappy Design subreddit collects the worst design fails. They are so good at being bad!

1. …


2. Idk I’m European

3. 2 Butts 1 Plant

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4. A Scene From An Indian TV Show

5. They Said You Will Be In The Front Page, But Didn’t Mention What The Title Of Next Article Going To Be

6. This Captain Of The Submarine In My English Book

7. That’s Not How It Works

8. People Wearing Face Masks Looking Like Monsters

9. Fail

10. Black One Is Salt, White One Pepper


11. This Isn’t Even My Final Form


12. They Stopped Construction On The New Burger King In My Hometown Because The Building Is Backwards. They Put A Whole Building Up Backwards!

13. We Cut Kids

14. Hiding Money Inside Something That Could Easily Wind Up In The Fireplace

15. Welcome To “The Cut” Forest Recreation Area. This Font Threw Me For A Loop. Delete If Not Allowed.

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