40 Times Couples Test Their Relationships With Hilarious Pranks

31. My Boyfriend Said He Was Making Me A Heart Shaped Pancake

couples test relationshipsdumpsztrbaby

32. My Husband Is An Asshole


33. Shattering Dreams… One V-Day Coupon At A Time


34. How To Scare Your Wife On Halloween: Print Your Face On Paper, Put The Paper In A Jar, Fill Jar With Green Water

couples test relationshipsNeoshadowXC

35. My Girlfriend Is Short And Hates Pranks

hawtcoreMy girlfriend is short and hates pranks

36. The Bosses Wife Asked Him To Mow The Lawn. This Is What She Got

couples test relationshipsCorncorn01

37. My Husband Bet Me I Couldn’t Shave His Foot Without Him Waking Up. This Is What He Woke Up To This Morning


38. My Girlfriend Started A New Diary Today. I Got Curious And Took A Glance At It After Asking Her About It. Something Tells Me This A Dummy Diary

couples test relationships


39. Girlfriend Asked Me To Throw Away The Box And Packaging Stuffs From Our New Bed Frame Before Leaving For Work, I Did Her One Better


40. My Girlfriend Thinks Highly Of Me

couples test relationshipswittywhit