40 Times Couples Test Their Relationships With Hilarious Pranks

11. My New Girlfriend Said She’d Never Fart In Front Of Me. She Let One Slip Last Night, So I Got Her A Cake To Celebrate


12. Printed And Attached To Wife’s Spraying Air Freshener While She Wasn’t Home. Spits Acid Every 30 Minutes

couples test relationshipsPriebeWoodworks

13. Pregnant Women Can Be Vicious. This Is My Wife Trolling Me At Breakfast

14. My Buddy’s Answer To His Wife Saying They Needed A Guard Dog


15. I Hope My Husband Feels Special When He Wakes Up. All Eyes Will Be On Him

couples test relationshipschiquitamichi

16. My Wife Just Told Me She Is Pregnant, And Wanted A Toasty Shower. First Dad Joke Executed


17. So My Pregnant Girlfriend Asked Me To Take Pics Of Things That Remind Me Of Her While I’m Over Here In Dubai. Nailed It!

couples test relationshipsChuckedup

18. Girlfriend Told Me To Wear A Plain Tie To Dinner Tonight


19. My Wife Wanted Her Sandwich Cut In Half. She Was Non-Specific As To How


20. Just Got This Lovely Anniversary Note From My Lovely Girlfriend

couples test relationshipsFolkDude